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 Modiano Design


Modiano Design founder - Aggie


Principal Designer

Aggie has had a lifelong passion for houses, interiors, furniture and contemporary art. She has first studied interior design in Budapest ( 1994) and London ( 1992) and in 2007 completed the Architecture & Interior Design Program at UCLA. Living in 4 countries and studying design in 2 continents allowed Aggie to become a worldly diverse and cultured designer. Aggie also passed the real estate exam for the sole reason to help her understand properties and her clients needs and wants better. She believes in creating functional design styles to achieve a well-balanced work/live space. Her motto is “Dream homes DO come true”, and from that very statement Modiano Design has become what it is today.


Nori Fukuda


Nori Fokuda was born in Japan and has always had a passion for Architecture. He graduated from Woodbury University with a bachelors in 1999. His projects span across a Global network including both residential and commercial projects. Aggie and Nori has collaborated on projects in the past and continue working together at present time.


Erika Bierman

Project Photographer

Erika is a Los Angeles based photographer. Erika met Aggie while studying at UCLA together. Erika discovered her passion for Interior Photography during a mandatory photography class within the design program. For the past 7 years Erika also worked as space planner and a rendering artist for numerous Interior Design projects.


Renata Racz

European Design Affiliate

Renata Racz is an interior designer based in Hungary. Renata has traveled around the world and studied abroad in the United States and Italy. Aggie and Renata has completed several residential projects together as well as 2 boutique hotels (CasaBlanca Hotel – Restaurant and Platan Vararok Vendegház) in Hungary and currently collaborating on a a Starbucks Style cafe at the prestigious TATA Castle district also in Hungary.


Dorina Solymar

Home Organizing Specialist

Dorina Solymar is a talented individual with a psychology background from UCLA. Dorina has received her knowledge in interior decorating while working for different staging companies in Los Angeles. Since 2013 Dorina has been helping the staging team at Modiano Design. She has a great knowledge in “color psychology”, the study of color and the effect it has on moods, feelings, and behaviors on humans.

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Andras Devenyi
Miguel Raygoza


Andras and Miguel both are key members at Modiano Design. Andras Devenyi has years of training as a carpenter and worked as a carpenter for several years before joining Modiano Design, completing several projects for multiple high-end hotels, residential kitchens & bathrooms, closets and so forth. He is the responsible project manager of the assembling furniture/ re-arranging / removing type of staging/interior design work that requires a trained professional.
Miguel is currently learning about carpentry and responsible of the packing/ organizing of furniture and furnishings as well as he is one of our best delivery personal.

Olivia McGuire

Design Assistant

Olivia McGuire is an innovative member of our design team currently studying Interior Design and Interactive Marketing at California State University Northridge. She discovered her eye for design creating handmade greeting cards at a young age. Her passion has translated into commercial and residential design.

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